Saturday, May 23, 2009

My longtime friend,

Summer you have arrived. I will enjoy you to the fullest extent this year. You've always proved to be such a fun and revolutionary season for me so I expect nothing less! I would like to be outside as much as possible, Summer, so please be kind with the sun and those 80 degree days. However, your warm showers are always very welcomed, and one of the few surprises I truly enjoy. Oh and summer, please not too much wind. It disturbs the bee nests and they get aggravated. Plus it isn't good for canoeing or fires. And summer, could the clouds be white and puffy, lazy and brief? Except for some really good thunderstorms, with vivid lightning naturally.

Oh! I almost forgot, I would prefer a lot of clear nights, especially when the moon is new or waning.

Summer, you're lovely and much anticipated. You transitioned very well from Spring and already proving to live up to my expectations. I hope I'm not asking for too much. You're a dream.

Very Truly Yours, and All My Regards,