Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'll vent, and see if this helps.

Well, I always swore I'd never make one of these shitty things, but after last night I felt like I needed to write. Microsoft Word wasn't cutting it, because it just reminds me of school, so formal and white and bland. And God knows I was way too lazy to grab my journal and jot down a few things. So here I am, blogging, about my life, seeing if anyone else gives a damn, because I really don't atm.
Hopefully my posts won't be all negative and sullen like this one is turning out to be. I'm not always negative and sullen, I have my sunny moments. I just realized I lost my purse at school today, cool huh? I checked in with campus police and they hadn't heard anything yet, and I really dont want to cancel my card yet, so I'm going to give it an hour and go back. The police officer was really nice, and could tell I was getting nervous about not finding it. Literally, it was alone for like...ten minutes. He told me stories about kids turning in wallets with hundreds of dollars of cash still inside, etc etc. It helped to hear, but all I could think was for every lost thing turned in, three more probably never find their way back. Of course I'd think like that. What the hell.

I can't really get into this blog, I just wanted to unload some of these hazy thoughts and gray feelings. Bleh.

Rt. 123 East's Best Kept Secret

It's something about today
when the light hit the metal frame.
That the dashboard gave way
to the steering wheel specked with clay.
Timeless as a new day,
promises of great getaways.
Can we make it if we stay?
Catch your last haunted train,
bubbles bursting down a drain.
A candle will flicker out its flame,
I'm sorry it can't be tamed,
evaporating like summer rain.
It'll never be the same,
but I've got everything to gain.
Don't make it just a game,
they're just pictures without frames!
Don't make it another game,
guessing facts or remembering names.
I can't play anymore games.
I don't like to lose.